Thursday, January 7, 2016

Early season skiing, 2016

I was elated to return from Minnesota to primo ski conditions.  It was great to jump right back into skiing, and although none of the first dozen or so ski days have been particularily long or adventurous, the skiing has been great.  Here are a few photos:

Brace sticking to his tele roots at Stonewall on our first day
back in Montana. Scapegoat.
Leah skiing into the sunset at Stonewall. Scapegoat.
Andrew and Jeffrey moving on Little St. Joe during a long afternoon tour.
First climb of the "normal" full Lappi lake tour with deep powder
and a big crew a few days before Christmas. Bitterroot.
First turns during an afternoon spin on the Pinball Wizard gully.
It could use more snow, but there is enough. Bitterroot.
Enamored of crisp winter light on New Year day.  Bitterroot.
Wild spot. Kyle in front of the Sweathouse spires. Bitterroot.
Nick working the steeps.  Wisherd ridge.  Rattlesnake.
Looking into the abyss off Gem lake point.
Ben/Leah:  "I think we might die if we try to ski that".
Brian: "You could be right."
We bailed.
Consolation run on Gem lake point.

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