Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blue Mountan 30K race report

I had a great time at the Blue Mountain 30k run. The course is almost all runnable and very fast. Since it is not too long, I was able to go out fairly hard and hang onto an even pace to the end, more like a ski race than an ultramarathon.

I also had a great time battling Tory Kendrick and Scott Marron. We were back and forth several times, and were within a minute of each other for most of the course. In predictable fashion, I was able to push a smidge faster on the flats and ups, and Tory ran away a bit on the downs. In the end, I pushed my calves and hamstrings to the edge of cramping, and was not able to give a hard push over the last mile. Not that it would have been enough to eke out a win. I came across in 2.28, which was good enough for second place.

Aside from a slow post race recovery from a slow-to-come-around right calf, I was pleased at how it went. The course, route marking, post-run barbeque and general vibe were all great.

results here.