Friday, March 25, 2016

Blanket Glacier Chalet 2016

Excited on the climb to the Castor/Pollox col.  Blanket peak in the background.
Leah and I were treated to another excellent hut trip in Canada at the Blanket Glacier Chalet.  Conditions were good, with three days of powder skiing, one day of getting shut down in the alpine by visibility, and two days of clear skies at the end of the trip.  We were able to take advantage of cold temperatures and excellent tree skiing at the beginning of the week, and when the skies turned blue, energy levels and stability were adequate to have a few excellent days of exploration, including skiing the 4,500' Big Apple avalanche path from the summit with good powder.  The crew was great, and there were many laughs, sauna sessions, and delicious meals at the chalet. Even though we skied solid days every day, the pace and overall demeanor relaxed, and it was also nice to come home ready to jump right back into training and dreaming of the next big adventure.

Days 1-4: Castor/Rodeo; Whiteout shut down; Christmas Trees; Monster/Full Airtime slide path,
Grey conditions as we flew in.
Group skinning to Castor.
Leah cruising down Rodeo.  Super nice run.
After our whiteout debacle, we found improved visibility on Pollux.
The group climbing for an evening spin on Rock and Roll.
We spent a lot of time doing this.  2,000 foot tree runs with good powder.
Leah in the excellent, 3,000'+ Airtime.  Doesn't look like much from the photo,
but it was primo. One of the best of the trip.
Climbing out of Airtime as afternoon flurries roll through.
Chad on an evening Christmas tree run.
Day 5: Big Apple slide path

Leah at the col.
Frank heading out to the Big Apple, pointy peak on the skyline.
Oh Canada! Open powder fields on Big Apple.
The climb out of Big Apple was hot and gloppy, but we didn't care.  Photo: Nick Cooskey
Bonus Echo run on Big Apple.
Day 6 - Blanket/Vortex/Zipper/Blanket

Excellent Geronimo run from the summit of Blanket peak.
Frank sporting a tutu with style.  Blanket peak. 
Final climb to the top of the Vortex.
I took an alternate line on the Vortex which ended up being super nice.
Photo: Nick Cooskey
I took off at the end of the day and tagged on Zipper and another Blanket peak run.
Here, Zipper was tracked from heli skiers, but there was plenty of fresh snow on skier's right.

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