Monday, June 23, 2014

7th Annual Warren Wallow

Dropping in on Warren.  Photo: Nick Vandenbos
The 7th annual Warren Wallow was a great success. For this iteration, we had a motley crew of six of Missoula's finest.  We were able to ski the North face in good conditions before hunkering down through a massive electrical storm.  With thunder still rumbling, we made the short climb and skied the exit couloir before exiting swiftly to the trailhead.  It was a great day, and a perfect way to cleanse the system after a little too much bachelor partying the previous day. Although I will probably eke out a few more short days on skis, it is days like this at the end of the season where I am able to reflect on the past year's worth of powder, racing, adventuring, and sharing the mountains with friends. It isn't quite over yet, but what an amazing season on skis.

Larch budding on the approach to Warren.
Looking up the North face.
Doug and the rest of the crew on the North face.
Doug got to go first.  Go Doug, go! 
Leah at the bottom of the face, with storm clouds brewing behind.
Minutes later, the skies opened up, and we spent the next hour ducking
under a rock as hail and lightening rained down everywhere.


  1. Awesome! Looks like a wonderful way to cap off the season.

    Been out for any post work skiing above I-90 this year? I've been looking at Illinois all June from the North.. seems to be in good shape. Any beta?

  2. I have only been out for two evenings - one above Cliff lake, and one on Illinois peak. Cliff lake is about done, but Illinois should have at least some snow for another two weeks at least. The best approach is probably to drive up Cedar Creek (Trout creek works as well) to Freezout pass. Hike up the trail to the peak. The best skiing is on the northwest chutes, but there is also a chute east of the peak on the approach trail that might still have enough snow. The egress back to the car will be almost all snow free, so plan on bringing shoes for the hike in and out. Hope that helps.