Friday, February 22, 2013

Powder in the Kootenays

Leah and I celebrated President's day by heading north over the border into Canada in search of powder.  We ended up skiing around Kootenay pass and in the Goat range, and were not dissapointed.  The first day was spent driving leisurely to Kaslo, with a quick spin at Kootenay pass to start things off right.
Oh, Canada!  Kootenay pass on day one.

The second and third days were both spent failing to ski Mount Brennan.  We turned around due to poor visibility on day one, and instability on day two.  Both days were salvaged by skiing excellent powder in the trees well below the peak.  In fact, we agreed that this was probably the best powder skiing of the year so far.
Leah skis powder.
Brian skis powder.
Leah skinning in front of Mount Brennan.
Our last day was spent exploring couloirs and enjoying stable snow around Kootenay pass.  We skied off Lightening ridge, climbed the Muffin and skied LSD couloir, then skied two striking couloirs to the south of the Muffin.  The second couloir was particularly enjoyable, with good soft snow and a sustained 50 degree pitch.  I didn't want to return home, and am excited to get back to Canada as soon as possible!
Approaching our third run at Kootenay pass  - the skinny couloir.
Leah carving out a platform at the top of the skinny couloir.
First turn.

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