Monday, December 31, 2012

Mount Blackmore for time

2015  Edit:  John Curry skied the circuit in a self reported 1.52 on 2/27/15. 

4/1/2013  Edit:  Nick Vandenbos kindofsortof recently re-claimed the Blackmore FKT.  His time was 2 hr, 1 min, mine was 2 hr, 1 min, 18 sec.  I think that qualifies as a tie, but it probably doesn't matter because I'm sure it will go faster soon.  Strong work, Nick!

During Christmas break, I was able to sneak away to Mount Blackmore for a speedy couple of hours.  I put in a similar effort last year, but got lost in the dark.  This year, I set off well before sunrise at a brisk pace from the correct trailhead, gunning for the top.  Conditions were fast, and I made it to the summit in good time despite getting off the skin track several times near the base of the peak.  I summited before sunrise, fully enjoying the alpenglow and the twinkling lights of town far below in the valley.  The peak skied well, and I had a blast flying down the steep windy trail all the way back to the comforts of a warm car.  The round trip time was 2 hr 2 min.  I didn't have my racing gear on hand, and I'm confident it could go in under 2 hours with good conditions and lighter gear.  There are plenty of fast folks in Bozeman who should give 'er a go and report back when they beat the 2 hour mark on this iconic Bozeman ski outing!

A little frosty on top of Mount Blackmore.

Splits:  Blackmore Lake - 23 min; arrive at upper meadows ~45 min; base of the peak - 1 hr 13 min; summit 1 hr 31 min; running up the trail below Blackmore lake - 1 hr 48 min; Car 2 hr 1 min 18 sec.

My brother and I were also able to sneak a way for a cold and blustery day to climb the classic California Ice.  The rest of Christmas was spent enjoying some very quality family time.
Leading the final pitch of California Ice.
Ready to do battle with some Hyalite Ice!


  1. Hey Brian,

    I dig how you've gotten into the speed skiing game. It's a fine challenge, I appreciate. Planning to give Blackmore a quick go sometime myself.! Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers.

  2. Well done down in Jackson man! Good MT representation...