Thursday, June 21, 2012

5th Annual Warren Wallowfest

Ben leading the charge.
After years of scrapping up just one or two other skiers, this year's Warren Wallowfest came together with a whopping 9 participants.  Kind of an unwieldy group, but I think everyone had fun. I certainly did.  The Missoula crew rallied at 6 am, and we met the Bozeman crew at the trailhead.  From there we busted out the standard hike to lower Carpp lake.  The group splintered during the approach to the upper lake, but regrouped at the base of the peak.  From there, we topped out by a combination of skinning, booting, and rock scrambling.

Marshall excited for his first ski run of the year!

Good times on the summit.
Half of the group skied the standard North face route, and the other half skied the direct summit route.  Nick coined the direct line the Warren Wiggler, which I fully endorse.  The downclimb was tedious, and it took us well over an hour to descend the Wiggler.

Dropping off the summit into the Warren Wiggler.
Ryan skiing the hanging summit snowfield.
Icy downclimbing in the Wiggler.
Looking good below the Wiggler.
We were soon re-united at lower Carpp lake, where a few brave members of the party swam before hiking out to the car.  In the end it was a perfect day and an enjoyable adventure in the Anaconda Pintlar range.  Thanks to everyone for participating.

The North face of Warren peak.

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