Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kootenai Point, Normal Tour

Exiting the Gold couloir.  Photo by Ryan Anderson.
I did the standard Kootenai Point tour on February 12 with Leah and Ryan.  We skied the Gold couloir, then climbed to the top of the Exit Bowl, which was taken to the creek and out via the Kootenai Creek trail.  Everyone seemed pleased with the day, even after some pretty significant de-tuning of skis on the rocky and undulating trail.  The Gold couloir is one of the cleaner couloirs in the Bitterroot, and skis really well.  The tour climbed around 6,000 vertical feet and took us a casual 9.5 hours car to car.  See Ski Route Descriptions page for more details.
Ryan skiing with characteristic power and confidence in the Gold couloir.
Leah in the Gold couloir.  Photo by Ryan Anderson

Leah skinning in front of the Southeast Lappi bowl and St. Joseph Peaks.
The bottom of the Exit bowl got a little rowdy.

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