Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My soul is crushed by the results of the presidential election on November 8th. After a sleepless night, I got up early and ran through the pitch black streets of Missoula, alone with my thoughts. Our country voted to reject the very fabric of our democracy, our appeal to reason, and our collective human decency. I have only been this deeply saddened by the death of a loved one, and as a result, am preparing mentally for a similar grieving process. But as of now, tears well up in my eyes as I contemplate looking my son in the eyes and trying to explain how our country could do this. I am so sorry.


  1. ive been folowing your blog, live in north sweden, sápmi, and im so sorry for you after this election! its so strange we here in sápmi know so much about the us election, and i guess 99.9% of us citeizens dont know anything about sápmi. but that shows where the power is in the world.
    anyway, dont get depressed!! organize and resist! i fight depression by talking to friends and new people and talk about politics. i go skiing and ivite new people. and try to get to know people that are diferent from myself and my friends.

    stay stong! and by that alow yourself to be week sometimes,its strong to be able to show your sadness and weekness, and to organize together to get a good live for all.
    anyway, lots of love from snowy mountains in the far north sápmi.come and ski with us and talk about anarchism socialism and we learn and teach eachother!

  2. Hi Brian,

    My name is Conor, I am a grad student at UM. I have been speaking with David from LB, and one of my professors, Dr. Keith Bosak, about a potential backcountry ski mapping project (just for fun). Any chance you could shoot me you email address for more info?



    1. Sounds interesting. Can you look me up on facebook? Brian Story