Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sheep mountain for time

With a few days of little to no excercise in the future, I decided to put in a hard longish effort and run Sheep mountain for time.  After a full day of work and running errands, it felt a bit late to start the run at 6:15 pm, but I was able to get back before dark.  The run was wonderful, and it felt good to push hard and close relatively fast, at least compared to past runs on Sheep mountain.  The only snafoo was that I was about 200 calories shy of having enough fuel, and I spent the middle hour or so on the edge of bonking.  In any case, it was a good reminder that Sheep isn't that far a long as one saves enough energy for the last few miles at the top.  Also, I still have an unconfirmed theory that the absolute fastest way to do Sheep is to bike up to the last steep pitch below Blue Point and run from there.  18 miles and around 5,000 vertical feet in 3.14.45, starting and ending at the Woods gulch trailhead.  I think it could go 5 minutes faster, but a sub-3 hour time would be stout, at least for me.  Also, the Sheep mountain trial is clear, and it looks like the Forest Service has put in some new waterbars on some of the steepest parts of the trail.  Go get it!

Cheesy self portrait on top of Sheep.

Splits:  Top of Three Larch road: 21; Switchback where it gets steep: 45; Blue Point: 1.09; Top of next to last hill; 1.35; summit 1.48.  Blue point on return: 2.25; Top of last downhill: 1.50; Woods 3.14.45

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