Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Photo: Amy Groen

Words truly can not express how excited I am to be married to Leah.  We had an absolutely fantastic wedding filled with friends, family, love, food, dancing, and everything else I could have asked for. Thanks to everyone who made it so amazing.
Brothers. Photo: Niles Grey
Challening Leah's mother to a match of ropey stumpey
during the rehersal dinner.  Photo: Amy Groen
Sharp looking wedding party. Photo: Niles Grey
Katuba signing ceremony: Photo: Niles Grey
Breaking the glass. Photo: Niles Grey
Best toast ever. Photo: Niles Grey
Sitting in with the band.  Photo: Amy Groen
Dancing. Photo: Amy Groen
New family! Photo: Eileen Samberg
Sunset in the field. Photo: Niles Grey


  1. I'm just now recovering from that party...congratulations again you two!!