Friday, March 22, 2013

North Fork of Lost Horse Creek

I was fortunate to tag along with a great group of friends for some powder skiing in the North Fork of Lost Horse creek.  We had more ambitious plans, but they were buried at 6 am by heavy overnight snow and wind.  With a shallow snowpack, we easily drove to within a mile of the trailhead, then walked sans skis into the upper hanging valley on the faint established trail.  From there, about 20 minutes of awkward talus traversing put us at the base of the big south facing peak to creek runs.  We skied two runs just west of the back side of Camas peak, stopping below the ridgeline when avalanche danger got spicy.  After a week of mucking about in rain saturated snow, everyone was excited to get back into the powder.  One nice feature of the North fork is that the approach is reasonable - at a casual pace, the approach took just over 2 hours to the base of our line, and 1.5 hours from the top of the last run to the car.
Blake was excited to ski.
Joshua in the powder.
The ladies, hard at work on the skin track.
Blake in the powder.
Natalie in the powder.
Leah in the powder.
Leah discussing grassland ecology during the hike out.
On the drive home, I fell into a deep sleep, recharging for impending St. Patrick's day festivities in Missoula.
Two full days of skiing + beer = sleepy world.

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