Monday, March 4, 2013

Jenny Bowl for time

Today I finally bested last year's Jenny Bowl time, and broke a long standing goal of completing circuit in under 1 hour 20 minutes.  As per normal, I accessed the Paradise run at Snowbowl legally from National Forest Land.  I stopped the stopwatch for about five minutes to chat with Blake, then added about a minute back to actual stopwatch times to account for the break.  Conditions were fast, and it was warm enough I didn't have to stop to don a coat on top of Point 6.  Skiing down in the daylight was nice, and certainly helped speed things up a bit.  The only slow quirk was when I skied into a tree well.  The fast shuffle back up from the lake was a joy as always - with race gear the rolling uptrack is almost as fun as the skiing!  It will be hard for me to go much faster by this route, but I can't help but wonder how much faster it would go via the fastest (illegal during the operating season) route.  The skiing was great, with boot top powder in Jenny Bowl, and screaming fast ice on Paradise.  The splits were: top of first steep pitch 19.5 min; exit resort 41.5  min; summit Point Six 51 min 30 sec; leave Jenny lake 57 min; parking lot 1 hr 13  min 30 seconds.  The tour checks in around 3,300 vertical feet.


  1. For this route you park at the lot outside the entry gate and go east into the forest, then north to the ski area trail?

  2. I have a good description of the route on my previous Jenny Bowl for time blog post (Feb 2012). The whole interfacing with Snowbowl issue is a fairly tenuous situation. Look in the comments there. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks. I know -- frustrating and stupid situation. Would be nice if they had a clear skinning policy like Big Mountain.