Friday, December 14, 2012

Bozeman ice and snow

I spent the weekend in Bozeman, flirting around the edges of the ice festival.  On Saturday, I went out with Hilary, Ben and Leah in search of ice, which is scarce this year.  We ended up climbing the classic Champagne Sherbet (WI 4) in the Flanders sub-drainage of Hyalite.  Fortunately we got an early start, because over the course of the day 14 people showed up hoping to climb the route.  Hilary and Leah climbed first and left their ice screws in, so I was able to lead it as a sport climb, which was great fun.  After re-grouping at the base, we succumbed to the cold and lack of ice and decided to call it a day.  It was snowing all day, and try as I might, I couldn't help wishing I was out on skis busting powder.
Hilary styling Champagne Sherbet
Ben low on Champagne Sherbet.

On Sunday, Leah and I went powder skiing in the southern Bridgers.  We were only out for a couple of hours, but it was enough time to sample the 20" of new snow.  Unfortunately, the characteristic mid-slope winds raked the slopes all day, and fresh wind slabs relegated us to meadow skipping.  Nevertheless, it was another successful re-introduction to the world of skiing.
As some would say, "in case you want to go there".
Winter is slowly materializing in Montana, but I'm still itching for an exciting day in the mountains.  I'm sure it will happen soon, so stay posted!

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