Monday, August 6, 2012

Bridger ridge run (backwards)

The Bridger ridge run is a daunting undertaking for an underskilled runner such as myself.  The high quality, 18ish mile run follows the Bridgers from the highest peak to the southern terminus of the range.  I completed the run for the first time last fall in 6.30ish, during which I battled cramps and got way off route on the final climb to Sacajawea.  I ran the course for the second time in late July, once again backwards to minimize the downhill pounding of the normal direction.  Starting at 6am helped reduce the hotness, but I still sweated a lot and was forced to stop a couple dozen times to stretch and prevent cramping.  I finished the run in 5.51, which is pretty fast for me, but not for a fast runner.  I am excited to keep repeating the run, since I think there is still room for a substantial cut in time at my current fitness level.  A big thanks to my dad for running the car shuttle and bailing me out with water on the final climb to Sacajawea.


  1. Sounds like fun...wish the timing would have worked out better to join you. Next time!

  2. Dude! I was thinking about the M to Sacajawea, S to N route, a mere 5 seconds before opening/ reading this post.

  3. You should do it! Bring all your own water, and beware of heat.