Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lookout Pass training circuit for time

I do most of my concerted ski training at Lookout Pass.  My normal training circuit is to simulate a mid-length randonee race by climbing and skiing two runs on each side of Runt mountain on race gear.  The circuit adds up to a little under 5,500 vertical feet of high quality training/pain/fun (the appropriate noun varies from day to day).  After a long hiatus, I returned and completed the circuit in 1 hr, 53 min, 51 sec, which is my fastest time to date by about a minute.  Hilights included skiing in shorts and completing the circuit in the daylight.  The main low point was tumbling head over heels in a sticky snow patch and having to dig around in the snow for a few minutes to retrieve my glasses.  4/03/2012.  

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