Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bozeman powder

My brother and I were in Bozeman last weekend, and I had the opportunity to get him out for his only two days of skiing this winter.  Avalanche danger was considerable, so we stuck to the known, safe terrain of middle basin in the Spanish peaks and the playground in the Bridgers.  We had great snow, with up to 14" of powder.
Kyle breaking trail in the Bridgers.
By loaning out my TLT5 boots and light skis with race bindings, Kyle morphed instantly from an unconditioned physics grad student to a speedy backcountry skier, biting at my heels on the skin track.  Thanks for the fun turns Kyle!  ~8,000 v.f. in about 11 hours over the course of two days  4/6 and 4/7.

DISCLAIMER:  Kyle is the strongest off-the-couch skier and climber I have ever met.

Kyle looking sharp in spandex on the climb out of Middle basin.
Kyle busting powder in the Bridgers.
Also, as a side note, snowline has receded enough for some high quality low elevation mountain biking, so I've been back on the bike a bit after work.  Set a personal best time on Thompson peak from town at 57 min 47 sec today (4/11/2012).  

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